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History of Kessler Construction
Kessler Installation Corp.
Kessler Installation Corp.
Company Information
Kessler Installation Corp. organized in the State of Connecticut in 1959 was one of the first companies in the State to be formed for the sole purpose of removing, installing and maintaining fuel dispensing systems. Kessler Installation Corp. performs work for all types of commercial accounts, Municipal and State agencies, trucking and delivery companies, major oil and gas distributors, automobile rental companies and many others.
Underground Storage Tanks
Remove and Dispose of Old Tanks
Contaminated Soil Remediation and Disposal
Supply and Install New Tanks (Steel & Fiberglass)
Supply and Install Pumps and Piping
Install Concrete Surface Mats and Islands                  Supply & Install Fuel Management and Monitoring Systems

Above Ground Storage Tanks
Supply and Install Convault, Highland, Hoover and Lube Cube Tanks Along with all Appurtenances

Maintenance and Other Services
Pump Repairs
Auto/Truck Lift Installation and Repair
Lubrication and Service Equipment Installation and Repair
Fuel System Compliance Upgrades

Licenses and Certifications
Licensed Plumbers for Fuel Piping
Licensed Electricians
40 Hour Haz-Mat Trained Workforce
All Work Performed in Accordance with State and Federal Codes                                                                                                      Member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI)

Contact Information:

Phone:  860-236-1995 
Fax:  860-233-7811                                                                           
Sales & Service and Technical Support:    


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